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The Budget Unit coordinates and manages the development of the
Annual Government Budget

With the assistance of the Ministry of Public Service on establishment matters and the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination on the Development Budget, the Budget Unit also coordinates and manages the development of any supplementary Budgets that may be presented to Parliament seeking approval for additional funds.

The Budget Unit is responsible for ensuring that the Budget process is robust, and that the Recurrent and Development Budgets are sustainable and based on sound revenue and expenditure forecasts. The Budget Unit is also responsible for preparing the revenue and expenditure forecasts used in preparing the Budget, and does so in consultation with Ministries.

The Budget Unit advises Government on the financial implications of Budget proposals and on any issues that may arise in relation to the Budget and its implementation. Once the Budget is approved by Parliament, the Budget Unit is also responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Government on Budget implementation and how it is progressing.

The Budget Unit also has an important role in advising Government on reforms to improve the effectiveness of Budget spending and delivery of services to the people of the Solomon Islands, and working with ministries and donors on these reforms.

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