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Corporate Services Section (CSS)

Helps Divisions with their administrative responsibilities. 

The work includes financial management, procurement, payments, human resource management including advice to payroll and recruitment and records management.

Corporate Services also supports the management of the Ministry by organizing monthly meetings of the executive and the monthly Heads of Division meetings.  Corporate Services co-ordinates planning, monthly work reporting and the annual report.  The Central Tender Board and Ministerial Tender Board are also supported by CSS.


For information on Annual reports and Work Plans click on:

Annual Reports

Work Plans


2014 Work Plan

The Expanded Role of Corporate Service Support

Expectations as to the scope and quality of services CSS are to manage and deliver, has expanded in recent years ands will continue to rise. This rise in expectation is due to reform initiatives coming out of Public services reform programs including those rom MDPAC, MPS/PSC and also in support of the new Financial and Budget Management reforms. In addition, SIG, Donor partners and Solomon Islands citizens are demanding better service delivery and transparency. this is placing pressure on operational divisions to deliver services more quickly. they in return demand more from their corporate support area, so as to free the divisional heads to better focus on their operational goals. The result of this is CSS need not only to undertake their traditional administratively transactional duties, but need to become a partner of Senior executives and HODs to assist them to deliver their corporate plan objectives. Under the guidance of the Under Secretary CSS (USC) and leadership of Human Resources Manger (HRM) CSSS are expanding their functions to take on this challenge. CSS annual Work Plan is developed to reflect PSC and organizational; priorities and aligned with MOFT Corporate Plan. Progress is reviewed by the USC and monitored via CSS traffic light report at the monthly HODs management meetings.

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