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State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are important institution within the country, currently there are 9 SOEs under the schedule to the SOE Act (2007). Namely the: Solomon Island Water Authority (SIWA), Solomon Island Ports Authority (SIPA), Solomon Island Electricity Authority (SIEA), Solomon Islands Broadcasting (SIBC), Solomon Islands Postal Corporation (SIPC), Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands (ICSI), and Solomon Airlines (SAL). SOEs provide essential services (like water, electricity, airlines and ports services) that contribute to the economic development of the nations as well as the welfare of its citizens.


Click here SOE WEBSITE to view our SOE website which contains information on Solomon Islands' SOE portfolio including financial statements and annual reports.

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ADB Finding Balance 2011 Seminar Presentation .pdf 800.19 KB Download
Hon R Prebble Speaking Notes Leaders Retreat 2011 .pdf 293.95 KB Download
ADB Finding Balance Report 2011 .pdf 2.52 MB Download
SOE Leaders Retreat Proceedings Mar 25-27 2011 .pdf 233.34 KB Download