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Solomon Islands-Tax Review

Official Public Launch of the Tax Review

Date: Friday 1st September

Venue: Honiara Hotel

Time: 10am

About the Tax Review

The Minister for Finance, Hon. Snyder Rini, has approved the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to undertake a review of the current national tax system as part of the Government fiscal reforms.

The current tax structure in Solomon Islands has been largely unchanged for decades, imposes a very high tax burden when compared to other Pacific countries and is outdated, inefficient, complex, expensive to administer and anti‑competitive. 

A comprehensive tax review will take stock of the downfalls of the current system and seek to set the path to deliver a fair, simple and broad-based tax system, which ensures everyone who is liable to pay tax, pays the correct amount.

The Tax Review will be undertaken in stages over three years:

  • Stage 1: Review of Tax Administration and Consumption Taxes.
  • Stage 2: Review of Income Tax.
  • Stage 3: Other Taxes.

Recommendations on a way forward for Stage 1 of the Tax Review will be delivered to the Minister by the end of September 2017.

Public Consultations

Public consultation on the Stage 1 of the Tax Review will commence on Friday 1 September, with a Formal Launch of the Tax Review. 

Following the official launch of the Tax Review, the Tax Review Consultative Committee (TRCC) will conduct an open consultation session.  Attendees will be able to listen to a presentation on the review and have the opportunity to ask questions and provide their insights and feedback on the current tax system.

Focussed consultation sessions will also be organised with key interest groups throughout the consultation period.

Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers to inform consultations can be accessed and download here:

Key stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to read the discussion papers and send written submission to:

The closing date to get your views is by:
Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Enquires can also be directed to and if you cannot access email, submissions can be delivered to:

Tax Review

Economic Reform Unit

Ministry of Finance and Treasury

P.O.Box 26


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