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Solomon Islands Digital Economy Workshop – November 6-7, Mendana Hotel

Solomon Islands Digital Economy Workshop 2019


The Coral Sea Cable is expected to commercially operational at the end of 2019. With the World Bank’s assistance, the SIG has been conducting a review of the current Solomon Islands ICT landscape and identifying appropriate strategies and initiatives to fully and effectively exploit the expected expansion of low-cost internet access for economic development and SIG operations. The outcome of the review suggests that ICT is a vibrant and growing component of the Solomon Islands society and economy but there are several fundamental enablers for digital economy and digital government development that require attention and investment.

The Intended outcome of the workshop is a shared understanding of the key opportunities and challenges with digital economy development in the Solomon Islands. 

Workshop objectives 

  • Establish a shared understanding of the strategic framework for digital economy and digital government assessment and development
  • Articulate and discuss various stakeholder positions/views on the key topics to be addressed
  • Agree on the immediate actions and roles for addressing the key topics and resolving any outstanding issues 
The workshop presentation files can be download below

D01S01_Workshop Briefing Slides_v01

D01S02a_Solomon Islands digital opportunities Nov 6 2019

D01S02b_Digital Government - VU Presentation V3

D01S04a_SPM - Session 4 Digital Transformation SPM Presentation

D01S04b_MCA_DGtal Tranformation WShop Com Div

D01S04c_SIG ICT Services - SIG Five-Year ICT Strategic plan V1

D01S05_SIG ICT Services - Efefctive ICT Investment and Management

D01S06_TCSI Ensuring Affordable Internet Access

D01S07_Digital Skill ans Awarenes_SkillsChart

D01S08_Digital Economy DVB Presentation (1)

D01S09_Solomon Islands Workshop - Payments and Data (Honiara) - Urszula McCormack.pptx

D02S12_Solomon Islands_Digital ID Presentation

D02S13_UNCDF_Presentation - WB event

D02S14_Workshop Briefing & Wrapups Slides_v03

D02S16a_TechnicalSeminar_Cable Systems Mass Adoption Considerations

D02S16b_TechnicalSeminar_SIGConnect Preparedness for Adoption 1

D02S16c_TechnicalSeminar_SIGConnect Preparedness for Adoption 2