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SIGAS is the Solomon Islands Government Accounting Service and refers to the staff in Ministries, and in the provinces, working in accounting and finance areas and responsible for managing and reporting on the use of public funds and resources. The SIGAS Directorate was established in early 2010 to drive financial management improvement, including building the capacity of staff within MoFT and across all of SIGAS business processes and systems.

The work of the SIGAS Directorate includes:

  • The reinvigoration and development of SIGAS as a professional group;
  • The development of a Scheme of Service with the Ministry of Public Service for the recognition of SIGAS roles and responsibilities, competencies and development requirements;
  • The development and delivery of financial training courses and sessions for Chief Accountants and their staff and, through the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), for other SIG public servants;
  • Contributing to reforms in public financial management business processes and systems and ensuring that the development requirements of SIGAS members and of the broader Public Service are aligned with those reforms.