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The Treasury Division is responsible, on a whole-of-government basis, for:

  • Maintaining the accounting records of the Government;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Processing of revenue collected by other Ministries as well as Customs and the Internal Revenue Division;
  • Processing payments to suppliers and SIG payroll on behalf of all Ministries;
  • Managing the consolidated fund (official) bank accounts;
  • Cash flow forecasting and management; and
  • Maintaining and developing the SIG financial and legislative framework, including the Financial Instructions.

The role of the Treasury Division in ensuring the efficient management of Government’s public finances is continually evolving, with:

  • An increasing focus on improving IT systems and processes;
  • Modernising financial rules and regulations to facilitate efficient and accountable delivery of government services;
  • Improving the capacity and confidence of local staff to undertake work independently, and
  • An increasing reliance on line Ministries taking responsibility for complying with financial processes,
    procedures and laws.

The head of the Treasury Division is the Accountant General, who is supported by:

  • Financial Management Services Section;
  • Procurement and Payments Branch;
  • Payroll, Revenue and Imprest Branch;
  • Solomon Islands Government Accounting Service (SIGAS).